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Eynetech provides unique NOC service solutions to MSPs and Technology Success Providers. We act as your watchful protector 24/7/365 by making sure that your endpoints are healthy, up to date, and have maximum uptime. Our NOC team will be an extension to your Onsite Technical team under your brand, following your SOPs. We will use your RMM, PSA, and documentation tools to monitor and manage your customer servers, networks, backup, and other endpoint devices.

  • Round the clock support
  • Platform agnostic
  • RMM Best practices and automation
  • Highly customizable
  • Cost-effective
  • Follows your SOPs and Service levels

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System and Network issues don’t adhere to business hours. A network outage or VM offline can happen at any time. Also, the Work From Home and Hybrid work models demands the availability of IT infrastructure 24.7.365 with minimum downtime.

An in-house NOC solution might have its own advantages, but the cost and administrative tasks associated with building and running a 24.7.365 NOC team are high and this often prevents small to medium Managed service providers and IT service companies to scale their business. Partnering with a Trusted NOC Service partner like Eynetech can help you to solve this problem by providing a fully trained and certified team, ready to work for you from day one, under your banner, following your standard operating procedures.


We offer 360° white label NOC services which include, but are not limited to Server monitoring, Network Monitoring, Patch Management, Backup checks, AV&EDR management, RMM alert management, etc. Our MSP-trained and certified techs are there 24.7.365 to fix any routine NOC-related tasks and offload your team’s workload. We expertise in all leading RMM and PSA solutions and our platform-agnostic NOC solution gives you the benefit and flexibility to use the tools you like. Our NOC is fully customizable, you can pick and choose the support option based on your requirement and budget.

Our NOC Packages


  • Server and Network Monitoring
  • Daily Backup checks
  • Remediation (offline, Health & Service issues)


Everything in Care and…

  • Patch Management
  • Antivirus & EDR Management
  • RMM Tool Management


Everything in Core and…

  • Remediation- Network Devices
  • Firmware updates
  • On-demand maintenance tasks


Pick what all you like from Care, Core & Complete and we will offer you that as an offering based on your business requirement.

Download our NOC Brochure for a detailed description of each support packages and option.

NOC support Brochure and package E-book


As a white label partner for MSPs, we understand that MSPs has a tremendous value expectation when they engage with us and we deliver those value.

  • You grow your business without adding extra headcount
  • Reducing operational costs and increase in efficiency
  • Enhance your profitability with 24*7 services
  • Freeing up your team to drive strategic growth

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