Need a Review Checklist for your Azure environment ?

💡 What is an Azure Design Review?
“A common request of many organizations starting with public cloud is having their design double-checked to make sure that best practices are being followed. The scope of this exercise could vary, from generic Azure Landing Zones to workload-specific deployments.”

👉 Azure Security Review Checklist includes:
✅ Azure Firewall
✅ Azure Networking
✅ Defender For Cloud
✅ Identity
✅ Sentinel
✅ VM Security Checks

👉 Check additional Security checklists for:
✅ App Services Security
✅ Azure SQL DB Security
✅ Blob Storage Security
✅ ACR Security
✅ Events Hub Security
✅ Service Bus Security

👉 Quick links for using the checklists in this repo:
🔥 Latest release of the Excel spreadsheet

🚀 Detailed information and useful resources:

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